glam·tre·pre·neur  \GLAM-tre-pre-NEW-er\


  1. A fabulous young woman ready to set the world on fire with her one-of-a-kind business idea.
    Usage: “My phenomenal daughter, the glamtrepreneur, just made her first sale.”


At Glamtrepreneur, we believe in two things: the power of business, and the power of young women. From an early age, girls are often told to “mind their own business.” But we want to change things a little. What if girls heard that phrase, and it inspired them to open an online store? Fundraise for seed money? Seek out a professional mentor?

We want to show girls exactly that: how to mind their own business, with confidence, savvy, and a rock solid skill set.

Through our programs and initiatives, we educate girls age 8-18 on what it means to take your awesome idea, and turn it into a business all your own. How do we do this? With female leaders who have accomplished that goal themselves, as well as engaging projects, curriculum, field trips, and activities.

Combining empowering, 21st century, shop-running know-how with practical, time-honored business wisdom, our curriculum and mentors plant a seed with young women. It’s never been a better time to become an entrepreneur, so we demystify the process by showing girls how it’s done. The result? A generation of young women who not only know that business is cool. It’s attainable – and it’s theirs to create.

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